Rather incredulously, almost 3 years later, this is STILL on MSNBC’s servers. For all the money they have, you’d think they’d be able to hire better legal advice. And by THEY I mean MSNBC, CNBC and The Rachel Maddow Show.

I would post a link, but why give them the traffic?

When I first saw this, the outright lies and insinuations spoken about me, shocked me. But as I continued to watch, the snide arrogance, the condescension, and the bloated self-importance exuded by both of these cheap propagandists, told me everything I needed to know.

Clawing rabidly at anything even remotely related to Trump (the way monkeys will be drawn to a shiny object), and trying to desperately declare themselves “relevant” while drowning in an ever growing sea of abject journalistic mediocrity, it’s quite obvious they failed miserably. No other media outlets even bothered pursuing this laughable “story of my dissapearance”. No agents of the US Government or Mueller’s team ever contacted me, let alone took interest in me (as #ChristinaWilkie shamefully, and FALSELY stated in her tweets).

“Pathetic” and “tragi-comic” were the words that came to my mind while watching this, but also reckless, if not dangerous. These two are doing their profession a gross disservice, by bringing the work of honest journalists (yes, I believe there are still one or two left – namely friends in the media who came to my defense and recognized this politically motivated sham for what it was), into question.

The corporate media entities that allow this partisan tripe to be broadcast and presented as “objective reporting” and worse yet “objective truth” are not only letting you down, they are insulting your intelligence. You are being lied to.

Ask yourself, why? Ask yourself “Cui Bono?” (who benefits?).

Better yet, ask Christina Wilkie and Rachel Maddow. When I confronted them on twitter to ask them the same, they got me unceremoniously suspended. They never responded. Once so curious about my “disappearance” – a false narrative which they wholly invented – I’m sure they now wish I really WOULD just disappear. For them, no such luck!

Which tells me that not only are they frauds, and far less intelligent than they present themselves to be, not only do they have nothing but utter loathing and contempt for their audiences, seeing them as gullible lemmings willing to swallow whatever fictional propaganda is thrown at them, but they’re also cowards, eschewing all responsibility and accountability for their actions.

In any other field, had an employee acted with this much recklessness, this much brazen disregard in presenting conjecture as fact, they would’ve been summarily fired. But not here. Instead these self-congratulating charlatans, these arrogant self-appointed arbiters of virtue, laud each other as brave warriors willing to leave no stone unturned in pursuit of the the truth. What a load of BS. They may have fooled a lot of people, but they’ve never fooled me.

If honest, hardworking journalists with integrity wonder why they’ve become such objects of disdain, why they’ve been vilified and are largely viewed as biased and paid propagandists to either shill for or scandalize some politician or other, why their motives are now questioned and viewed with suspicion, rather than the admiration they rightly deserve, the proof is right here.

As long as pretend journalists like Wilkie and Maddow put dogma ahead of the facts, and remain profoundly undisciplined and emotionally driven in their desire to bend the truth into narratives that will suit their ideology (as well as their paymasters’ – whoever they REALLY are), and present it as “NEWS” with a straight face, they’ll continue to strip out what little credibility is left in their profession.

As I said, pathetic…

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