I posted this on Facebook recently…

As I spend the day diligently working on my album, “The Disappearing Architect”, I wanted to remind all my friends and acquaintances here on Facebook that one of the reasons I came on here is because my Twitter accounts were indefinitely suspended in December 2020, because I DARED defend myself and took “journalists” #christinawilkie and #rachelmaddow as well as their network enablers #MSNBC and #CNBC to task, for slandering and defaming me.

They claimed I “disappeared” and said I wiped my online presence because they tried to question me and somehow wound up “uncovering me”. Yes, that’s me. The great puppet master, lurking in the shadows…ridiculous. I mean, I drive a KIA.

On her show, Maddow, dripping with her usual sanctimony, compared me to “a cockroach who scrambled when the lights came on”….Wilkie in all her arrogant, pathetic and tragi-comic self-importance, claimed I went “MIA” because I chose not to respond to her inane and loaded questions. Why all the fuss, you may ask? Because I had created some building designs for the soon to be former clown-in-chief (when he was still just a game show host who also happened to be another asshole real estate developer from NYC – trust me, that’s one thing NYC isn’t in shortage of, but I digress).

The fact is that at most, I had 1,400 followers on my twitter account, @emptycitysquare. And yet these propagandists have hundreds of thousands. I think Maddow has over a million. Despite repeated complaints from me to twitter about their slander, their accounts AREN’T suspended. Those tweets about me they posted (as well as the thousands of retweets, and defamatory comments posted about me by their twitter minions – apparently, I’m also “Albert Speer”) are still up there. THEY can tweet slander and defamation with impunity, yet it is I who is suspended. Interesting.

I don’t hold nuclear codes, let alone a position of authority. I don’t have a standing army of useful idiots willing to get themselves arrested for their fearless leader, by storming the offices of worthless civil servants from the opposition. I pose a threat to no one, because frankly, having loathing and contempt for them all, I could care less. I decided a while ago, after having had the misfortune of meeting and having to interface with enough of them, that politicians aren’t deserving of my attention, time, energy, talent and (ESPECIALLY) my money, as I see them ALL as self-serving demagogues, cheap manipulators of public sentiment whose primary purpose it is to line their pockets for as long as they can cling to their office. I can only surmise, however, that someone out there fears me. That someone out there fears for their professional reputation. That someone out there fears their gross misconduct and lack of professional practice (let alone judgement) as a journalist, who tried slinging targeted 3rd rate propaganda and passing it off as “objective reporting”, is being called out and exposed (as they should be).

In fact, I also suspect that while they once falsely claimed I “disappeared”, they now really wish I WOULD just disappear or at least shut up. Otherwise why would they shut me down? Food for thought…and for them, NO SUCH LUCK, I’m not going anywhere.

Read all about this ridiculous saga in the two blog posts I wrote, linked below. And remember one thing my friends, THIS CAN HAPPEN TO ANY OF YOU. The press needs to be held as accountable as all of the morally bankrupt and crooked politicians they’re paid to either scandalize or shill for. They are not infallible. Far from it. As a matter of fact, everything they do is calculated and deliberate. They are on a payroll after all. Whose payroll, is another question altogether…