While I am an Architect by training and profession, I’ve always considered myself an Artist as well. In addition to designing buildings, I draw and paint and also write and record music. I’ve dabbled in film, comedy, read history quite seriously, and have been a speaker at various events and for different fields. 

I’ve been a licensed Architect in the United States for 25 years and have worked in the profession of Architecture for close to 30. Over the course of my career as an Architect, I’ve provided architectural design services to top-tier estate development companies in New York (Silverstein Properties, Extell, Trump Organization, Related, Starwood) and abroad (Tasyapi, Esta Holding, Silk Road).

I’ve been very fortunate as an Architect to have traveled extensively. In addition to projects in New York, I’ve designed projects in cities as varied as Doha, Seoul, Moscow, Panama, Kiev, Donetsk, Batumi, Athens, Istanbul and Ankara. 

My design experience covers a fairly broad range of projects and scales including residential, commercial and hospitality design. In 2009, I founded my own firm, John Fotiadis Architect PLLC, (AKA ‘JFA”), which I decided to wind down in 2017.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture (cum laude) from Temple University in 1989, and also hold a Master of Science in Architecture and Urban Design from Columbia University (1991).

I started drawing before I could speak. I’ve had spurts of drawing and painting throughout my life, being largely inspired by the imagery of my childhood years when I spent what seemed like many endless wonderful summers in Greece. In July of 2019, I returned to Greece with the of intent of immersing myself in antiquity for a few weeks in and around Athens – having read many classics – Herodotus, Pausanius, and Plutarch the winter before. What resulted was a series of drawings that I call “The Solace of Antiquity”

Music has run as another parallel in my life. I am largely a self-taught musician and have been playing since High School. The only instrument I took lessons in were the drums. Once I discovered the Beatles, I was inspired to write and play my own music. I created my sometimes real/sometimes virtual band, “Empty City Squares” in 2009 and have used it as a vehicle ever since to write, record and release original music. I’m happy to say I am in the middle of (Summer 2020), writing my third album of original music.

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